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Full film & costume department history available here. IMDB here. Resume upon request.

sci-fi feature; 2018
Premiered at SXSW 2018
Winner: Adam Yauch Hörnblowér Award
Gritty, 80's inspired sci-fi feature with numerous spacesuits and custom-built hardware, centering around a teenage girl stranded on a toxic green moon. 8 months pre-production & 40 days shooting.
Varietyio9/Film • Ars Technica
Dynamo Dream
sci-fi series; 2022

Episodes 4 & 5
Phish Halloween
Las Vegas live event; 2021
4 Spacesuits for 10/31/2021
sci-fi narrative commercial; 2022

Paper Tigers
kung-fu comedy feature; 2019
World Premiere at Fantasia 2020
sci-fi short; 2019
Part of the One Minute Worlds anthology
sci-fi short/commercial; 2019
Shot on and for the Sony Xperia phone.
Viking-era short; 2015
Period short film taking place during the Viking era. It follows a man who must endure a series of tasks in order to rescue his wife, kidnapped by a creature that lives in the caves. Required considerable research, as well as contacts within the enthusiasts' communities to learn more about Viking-era clothing and fabrics. Will be updated soon with photos of the other characters.
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