Recent Work: Current Costume Design

Full film & costume department history available here. Resume available here. IMDB here.

sci-fi feature film; 2016-2017
Premiered at SXSW 2018
Winner: Adam Yauch Hörnblowér Award
Gritty, 80's inspired sci-fi feature with numerous spacesuits and custom-built hardware, centering around a teenage girl stranded on a toxic green moon. 8 months pre-production & 40 days shooting.
Varietyio9/Film • Ars Technica
feature; summer & fall 2014
Working closely with Production Design, Force Play created a visual world in which the 80's took a different direction. It follows a pair of cops trying to solve a case and systematically failing to do so. The costumes were primarily uniform-based and incorporated a lot of details to make everything appear just a little bit different than today's world.  
short; summer 2014 & 2015
Period short film taking place during the Viking era. It follows a man who must endure a series of tasks in order to rescue his wife, kidnapped by a creature that lives in the caves. Required considerable research, as well as contacts within the enthusiasts' communities to learn more about Viking-era clothing and fabrics. Will be updated soon with photos of the other characters.

A Leading Man
summer 2013
This film follows GQ, an Asian actor struggling for roles in Hollywood that are respectful to his community, and do not perpetuate racial stereotypes. The wardrobe was entirely color blocked, with GQ being the only one wearing blacks and whites. It required a lot of careful coordination, especially with the extras.
A Bad Summer for Tomatoes
feature; summer 2013
Costume design for additional photography, which required referencing scenes shot over two years ago and finding the same clothes for the cast. The story follows two children struggling to come to terms with the death of their father. 
Hard Times
short; winter & spring 2014
Zombie comedy that follows a girl, Shay, as she fights off zombies in an adult entertainment shop. Shay's costume was a series of layers ending with a giant faux fur coat. The zombies required a lot of weathering and make-up.

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