Selected Commissions

Guardians of the Galaxy
Status: Complete
Costume includes leather/twill jacket (with hand silkscreened pattern and 3D printed items), canvas/sueded pants (with 3D printed items and leather detailing - over sixty pattern pieces), plus boot covers, a belt, shirt, and modified nerf guns.
1966 Robin
Batman: the TV series
Status: Complete
Costume includes shirt, tunic, shorts, cape, mask, gloves and boots. All were drafted and assembled by hand, with exception to the tights & R patch. 
The tunic zips up the back for ease of on/off.
Jon Snow & Ygritte
Game of Thrones
Entirely hand drafted and draped. Ygritte's costume is completely hand-sewn; no sewing machine was used. Both costumes employ primarily natural fabrics - leathers, pelts, suedes, linens. Each piece was made with focus on replicating details & layers as accurately as possible. 
Bran Stark
Game of Thrones
Bran wears a linen undershirt with a double gathered neckline, and a leather jerkin over it. He has quilted arm bracers that tie at the shoulders of his jerkin. He has a surcoat that snaps around his waist over weathered brown pants. He's finished with a fur cape with a pelt across his shoulders. 
Joker & Harley Quinn
DC Online Universe Trailer 
Joker & Harley's costumes were made based on their post-apocalyptic gear in the trailer for DC's online videogame. Their costumes were made first and then weathered/modified with additional pieces, such as the bullet proof vest. Details include custom made pins, metal-cast Gotham police badges, and modified weapons. 
Older Commissions
various commissions
Joker & Harley; Batman: The Animated Series
Kid Flash; Young Justice
Bucky Barnes; Captain America
Little Red Riding Hood
Nightwing; Young Justice
Olivia the Pig; Olivia Saves the Circus
Speedy; Teen Titans Year One
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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