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Selected Commissions

Original design: Sam Tilson
Status: Complete
Spacesuit replica
Aging work

Status: Complete

Suit built and constructed by Anvil Props UK.
Puppet costumes
stop-motion work
Children 5-12

Children 4 & under

1966 Robin
Batman: the TV series
Status: Complete
Costume includes shirt, tunic, shorts, cape, mask, gloves and boots. All were drafted and assembled by hand, with exception to the tights & R patch. 
The tunic zips up the back for ease of on/off.
Jon Snow, Ygritte,
    and Bran Stark
Game of Thrones
Entirely hand drafted and draped. Ygritte's costume is completely hand-sewn; no sewing machine was used. Both costumes employ primarily natural fabrics - leathers, pelts, suedes, linens. Each piece was made with focus on replicating details & layers as accurately as possible. 
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