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Some con shots of my Hyde costume from Steamcon this year, which included way too many snaps ever. At some point we’ll have to get proper photographs of the costume, including the little details you can’t see in these shots, sadly.

some in progress shots for the nerfpunk costume.

i actually had photos of all my steps and patterns to make a more proper in-progress post, a la the Nightwing costume when this blog was initially started (oh best intentions), but my cellphone updated incorrectly and lost all my photos. of COURSE despite having a great dSLR camera & various lenses i obviously opted to use my cellphone for image taking instead. the same thing happened with Little Red as well as Speedy & Astro Boy.

So the gun I chose has orange/red stripes down part of the body, which is basically what i based the entirety of my design on (i’m consistent at least). Originally the costume was going to have a vest over the top that connected to the bustle & holster. It was going to be made out of two layers of that transparent red vinyl, with the wide lime green fishnet in between. The top layer of vinyl was going to be cut away in parts to make a pattern. I made the initial pattern but did not have time to complete the actual vest.

I basically really enjoyed the idea of making a garment with the intent to be garish, over the top, way too complicated and busy and a complete EYESORE. i wanted to take advantage of that completely!

Just realised I never got around to posting any photos of my nerfpunk costume from Steamcon here in Seattle way back in October. I’m very good at keeping up with things that relate to myself and only myself, aren’t I?

the intent behind nerfpunk, in case you haven’t been following along or just plain forgot cuz it’s been months (that’s more likely i’m sure), is to flip around the expectations of steampunk. A “typical” steampunk garment utilizes a weapon that they assemble to match the costume; typically, this is a nerf gun. The idea of nerfpunk was to reverse it - pick the gun and make the costume match it. That means no modding of the gun was allowed!  I kind of cheated, in that I waited until they released their new little discs because I liked the colour scheme better… but it’s still heinously garish.

things i like:
• the sleeves. i spent most of my time on them (even more than the corset, which is kind of tragic really) because I wanted them to have a stupid number of layers. friendly mockery ;)
• the idea of the vinyl gun holster. it was made like 20 minutes before we hopped on the bus to the hotel so it’s not stable and I’d like to expand on it further.

I have some in progress shots that I’ll post after this. Mostly this costume was, unfortunately, more of an afterthought than I really wanted. I had way too many other costumes to prioritize (in that they were being made for a)children and b)people that are not myself), which left me little more than a week or so to create something from the sketches I’d been working on for months. I’d really like to go back into this costume with the intent to make it more than just some piecemeal assembly of ideas, but you know. when have i ever done that?

(the other nerfpunker in the photos is my friend Melinda! she makes amazing costumes AND she won an award for this one in the bathing suit contest!)