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Brought A to PAX Prime, he was very excited to meet fight Anthony/Harley’s Joker.

Better photos of A’s costume here and wow, I just realised I never posted the photos of our DCUO group from SDCC. Probably because we’re STILL waiting on the “professional” shots to come back, but there are some good floor shots & detail ones I should post.

someday i’ll solve the problem of how to wear a costume AND take photos at the same time.

A as 1960’s Robin

photographed & made by me

outtakes from last week’s photoshoot session….

outtakes from last week’s photoshoot session….

I wrote a blog post about making armor for Lo’s Classic Iron Man over on Comic Booked! It’s currently spotlighted - check it out. Also: stay tuned here - I’ll be posting some other specifics and different details.

I wrote a blog post about making armor for Lo’s Classic Iron Man over on Comic Booked! It’s currently spotlighted - check it out. Also: stay tuned here - I’ll be posting some other specifics and different details.

A as 1966 Robin

Planning a pretty stellar photoshoot when the rain stops. Until then, will be posting some progress stuff & detail shots soon.

Lo & the Classic Iron Man costume we made together. The Arc Reactor & palm lasers glow, but it was too bright.
See also: Never make a costume with a child with a two week deadline.

Progress photos & Robin coming up.

well this sums up the weekend pretty well

well this sums up the weekend pretty well

in case you’re wondering, i found hell

in case you’re wondering, i found hell

So I don’t have any photographs of the boys on Halloween, on account I wasn’t there and as it was Halloween night, it would have been too dark for proper photographs. It’ll probably be a bit before we get some good shots of them, as Seattle’s now in its fantastic perpetual rain period, so planning in advance for things like photoshoots isn’t really a good idea. Have to think of some good locations for a Creeper and Beast Boy photo shoots, too.

So here’s some belated photos of Astro Boy!

well it’s october

which, i suppose, maybe partially explains my lack of communication as of late. in addition to the photos i haven’t posted (Astro Boy, SDCC, everything..) have a list of asks/emails that i haven’t answered yet (that I should be answering instead of this), but this month is the busiest month. if you’ve been around long enough you already know this but just in case.

I’ve been crazy busy the past two months!!

I worked on a movie set in LA as a costume designer, its called A Leading Man and it’s going to be a great film. After that, I’ve been picking up days here and there throughout Sept covering for costumers needing on-set help/coverage. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know people in the Seattle film community.. which is much larger than I originally gave it credit for.

i’m also preparing the halloween costumes, as well as Steam-con, as well as my Halloween party.. which I’m making post-halloween so some of us (me) can take a deep breath. Haha.

Minecraft fever has hit, even Colin can’t escape it. It’s like I go to work, run around with the children half the day pretending to be creepers and whatnot, and then come home to the same thing…

relatedly, Lo has decided to be a creeper for halloween:

Which, at the very least, will be pretty straight forward…hah. He seems to think he can just wear green pants and a shirt and make a mask… so with those expectations I’m pretty sure I can over-exceed. ;) He’s been reading the new B&R and I had hoped to get him into Damian’s Robin costume, but I introduced it too late to take over from Minecraft. Oh well. Maybe ECCC. :D

A’s continuing along the “I’m going to be every sidekick before I’m a teenager” path and has opted for Beast Boy this year. I’m THRILLED and TERRIFIED. The costume will be a cinch, but making A’s skin and hair green will be a challenge with his sensory issues… and fangs are out of the question. We’ll see how it goes.

He still hasn’t picked which Beast Boy he prefers - TTG or YJ. Honestly, though we’ve been kicking through YJ characters for awhile now, I really hope he opts for TTG because then it’ll just be green facepaint instead of his furry arms and green hands to deal with also.


I’m also making Olivia the pig, a la Olivia Saves the Circus and I didn’t even PICK that. It’s going to be the best costume, really. 

And of course my own projects, which never get any of the attention they deserve.. but you know. that’s how it goes.

SOMEONE won First Place at the Jet City Comiccon costume contest for kids 12 & under. <3
(photo by Dan Morrill)

SOMEONE won First Place at the Jet City Comiccon costume contest for kids 12 & under. <3

(photo by Dan Morrill)

Some photos of A as Kid Flash from the photoshoot we did a couple of weeks ago! The Speedy pics came out pretty well, but I really wanted to make sure the next batch weren’t taken in the backyard. Did you know it’s a lot easier to set up photoshoots on location when the subjects aren’t eleven year olds?

Astro Boy soon!

oh the astro boy

Since Astro Boy was already made practically, I had time to experiment with things I never really have a chance to work with by nature of how much time I typically have to do anything (not a lot). I knew that since A was getting a whole new costume (seriously how can I resist a request for Kid Flash?) I would have to come up with something clever and awesome to keep Lo as Astro Boy. It couldn’t take a long time to make, though, otherwise that would defeat the whole point of keeping him as Astro instead of another character/whole new costume.

ARM CANNONS clearly. I ordered EL wire and LED strips to play around with.

the EL wire came with a battery pack (as evidenced), which made it really easy to plan around, because it already had an on/off switch included. The strips just had +/- wires so we had to tape them to batteries at the day of the show. No big deal.

I did learn a lot of stupidly obvious things about LEDs, though, such as how they work in a cluster so you can only cut them in groups of five lights (in this case). Oh the basics! My middle school tech ed teacher would be so disappointed in me.

so I constructed the cannon out of a bunch of cardboard, foam core, and some old poster tubes (i have like 80 and I still forget to bring one to SDCC every year, wtf is that)

it took a bit to figure out the perfect shape. Astro’s gun has a dual layering thing, mostly because it’s 3D animation and they just HAVE to get clever about that… the cartoon cannon was just a bright ball of blue so Logan vetoed that immediately, and who can blame him when he has THIS as comparison:

I didnt have enough time to really break down the actual literal pieces of the cannon, so I simplified.

Added another panel of cardboard and then finished off some edging:

Originally I lined the whole creation with silver paper, because I liked the idea of creating a papercraft item out of the thing. But since everything else on the costume is soft shapes, like Astro’s boots, I decided it wouldn’t fit in with the look.

so i resorted to GOOD OLD FOAM, my friend, to pad out the cannon and make it appear soft-edged like the rest of the costume. I covered it in silver fabric that I purchased in NYC years ago to make leggings that I promptly lost interest in before the draft even finished.

the EL wire coils around the centre and Lo’s hand grabs the battery back inside the cannon. I also carved a hole at the side so I could pull the end of the wire out and around the outer rim of the cannon to at least attempt to give it the dual look.

The strips are down the side. I actually made casings for them to enhance the blue and diffuse it somewhat. It’s a layer of semi-opaque vellum plus a layer of clear blue drafting paper, hot glued to a piece of posterboard I cut into a little ravine shape for the strip to attach to. As you can see, it worked better in one than the other. You can also see where I learned how many circuits are connected… and when one goes out… good job me!

Definitely needs improvement but it’s not so bad. Lo got to help a lot, which is the most important part, really.

the kid flash adventure

So after sewing points for Nightwing last year, I figured I had Kid Flash pretty set. Cut, hand tack, hand stitch, baste, stitch, serge. Long process but it worked out pretty well:

I made a muslin out of old fabric left over from other superhero costumes and just drew on where I wanted the spikes to go. The hardest part was actually picking which of KF’s Young Justice costumes to go with… I preferred these spikes but I really also liked the shoulder panels on the newer one. In the end I decided to go with the first version because it would be more simple.

The logo was pretty easy. I drew it on A’s muslin body suit and made a pattern from there. the back has double-sided fusing on it, so basically just had to iron it to the front where I wanted it to go.

I actually anticipated A having an issue with wearing a jumpsuit (like what if he had to go to the bathroom?) but he tried to convince me to let him wear the muslin to school so I clearly have found a new avenue for introducing clothing around A’s sensory issues.

So after ironing it on I realised it did this:

MELTED the centre of the front panel….. I did NOT want to take apart the spikes at A’s hipbone, because they would take forever to redo.

I ended up adding another panel across the chest, curved around A’s ribcage, to offset the error without redoing everything. It kind of makes me angry but no one else seems bothered by it.

A’s goggles and ear spikes were spraypainted:

In the back you can see I tested like 8 different kinds of things for the ear pieces, everything from a hollow bouncy ball cut in half to the plastic balls that quarter toys come in, which is what I ended up going with. His lightening ears are just wire and foamcore.

The goggles are Willy Wonka’s TV specs, which were an amazing find because the lenses are already red! Too bad they’re too big for A… I’ll post pics of that soon. I should have boiled the plastic first and bent it a little so A could wear it with elastic. I might try that before the photoshoot.

But they look rad:

the boots. OHHHH the boots. I dont even want to show you the photos.

I bought these white go-go boots for A to wear and they were fine on him. I figured, oh hey I’ll just spray paint them it’ll be GRAND.


I tested a few different paints. The issue was that the top panel of the boots stretched and made everything chip.

I tried to correct this with actual liquid latex and then powder on top, to offset latex’s need to stick to itself, but it just made the boots really dark. The boots he’s wearing in the photos were literally made in twenty minutes before the boys arrived to my apt to get dressed………talk about a rush job!

Lo as Astro Boy. Since this was his halloween costume originally, I had a lot more time to make accessories for it - like the LED chest reactor and arm cannon. It’s hard to see some details, like the joints I made at his knees & elbows, but it’s okay. I’ve never had to work with LEDs before so it was a learning experience to share with Lo.

More pictures soon! I have a lot of progress shots of the cannon as Lo & I constructed it, too.