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well it’s october

which, i suppose, maybe partially explains my lack of communication as of late. in addition to the photos i haven’t posted (Astro Boy, SDCC, everything..) have a list of asks/emails that i haven’t answered yet (that I should be answering instead of this), but this month is the busiest month. if you’ve been around long enough you already know this but just in case.

I’ve been crazy busy the past two months!!

I worked on a movie set in LA as a costume designer, its called A Leading Man and it’s going to be a great film. After that, I’ve been picking up days here and there throughout Sept covering for costumers needing on-set help/coverage. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know people in the Seattle film community.. which is much larger than I originally gave it credit for.

i’m also preparing the halloween costumes, as well as Steam-con, as well as my Halloween party.. which I’m making post-halloween so some of us (me) can take a deep breath. Haha.

Minecraft fever has hit, even Colin can’t escape it. It’s like I go to work, run around with the children half the day pretending to be creepers and whatnot, and then come home to the same thing…

relatedly, Lo has decided to be a creeper for halloween:

Which, at the very least, will be pretty straight forward…hah. He seems to think he can just wear green pants and a shirt and make a mask… so with those expectations I’m pretty sure I can over-exceed. ;) He’s been reading the new B&R and I had hoped to get him into Damian’s Robin costume, but I introduced it too late to take over from Minecraft. Oh well. Maybe ECCC. :D

A’s continuing along the “I’m going to be every sidekick before I’m a teenager” path and has opted for Beast Boy this year. I’m THRILLED and TERRIFIED. The costume will be a cinch, but making A’s skin and hair green will be a challenge with his sensory issues… and fangs are out of the question. We’ll see how it goes.

He still hasn’t picked which Beast Boy he prefers - TTG or YJ. Honestly, though we’ve been kicking through YJ characters for awhile now, I really hope he opts for TTG because then it’ll just be green facepaint instead of his furry arms and green hands to deal with also.


I’m also making Olivia the pig, a la Olivia Saves the Circus and I didn’t even PICK that. It’s going to be the best costume, really. 

And of course my own projects, which never get any of the attention they deserve.. but you know. that’s how it goes.

011: The List & Unexpected Delays

I have a consistent habit of wanting to do too many things, and agreeing/starting/attempting them all at once. I think this is just who I am, how my brain functions, but perhaps my mother is right & it also has something do with how I was raised, which lacked a significant amount of downtime. If I wasn’t doing something then I absolutely should be, Aidan get off the couch there’s a lot you can do today! No TV!

My mother talks about this a lot when we’re on the phone. Actually, she only really talks about three subjects: my childhood, her religion, and the general health of various members in our immediate family. Often that is me, typically it is her or my father.

Evidently, there is a lot about my childhood that, upon reflection, my mother disagrees with, starting with medicating me in elementary school but mostly, in her words, not teaching me to “just relax.”

As someone who consistently works with children, I’m not really too sure how one goes about teaching a child how to “relax.” I can teach Lo to calm down when his engine’s running fast, or I can teach A quiet things to do, but I can’t teach their bodies how to relax. I could argue a lot of things were wrong with my childhood (but it was a good one), but I don’t think relaxing was the issue.

Except, if my mother says my childhood was go, go, go, go, I think I’m definitely making up for it now. An actual application of all (or any of) the ideas in my head seems completely insurmountable. If I could just get through one day with a minimal level of distraction, something in my life might actually be accomplished.

To that end, I’ve decided to cut down my obligations and actually, wholeheartedly, focus on something I’ve been waffling on for a long time: my future.

The problem with my future is that, once again, I want to do everything. I want to travel the world. I want to be a National Geographic photographer (and no, I’m not glorifying the job). I want to make costumes in movies all over. I want to have a line of childrenswear clothes with collections inspired from countries across the globe. I want to live in a treehouse or a warehouse or in multiple lofts everywhere. I want to work in art therapy and continue working with challenging children.

The problem with wanting a lot is starting one project means ignoring another and then I get stuck. Is this what I really want to work on first? How should I know? I haven’t started either! And if I start, and then I stop, well, then I’m wasting time, aren’t I?

I can’t just pick one thing.

But look, here. I’m going to try. I’ve decided that I can narrow down my future goals into a few key subjects:

• traveling & experiences
• a company
• costuming

So, with that being said, my year goal for 2011 is to make a collection for my future childrenswear company. My (relatively paltry, I will admit) industry experience is wrought with experiences that have lead to me to believe I can do this, but more on that when I actually develop something concrete out of the ridiculous ideas in my head.

I am massively ADD and also, OCD, which is the worst combination because it means that I cannot focus on anything except the things I shouldn’t, which I obsessively cannot move past. Because of this, I acknowledge my need to be doing more than one thing at once, and so I am narrowing my costuming projects into the following:

• Colin’s Joker costume for SDCC
• Refining my Harley costume for SDCC
• my Ramona Flowers costume for SDCC
• Colin’s Gideon Graves costume for SDCC

In all honesty, the last 3 are going to be really easy. The difficult one is Colin’s Joker costume, which needs a complete reworking from patterning onward (hooray).

In summation, I have the week off this week and I want collection designs before I head to work on Sunday. I also want Ramona Flowers’ damn bag to be made.

Because: can we talk about the difficulty of making a perfect star out of vinyl? I’m getting good at unexpected delays.