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so my boyfriend’s game, Galactic Reign, just came out recently, so this weekend was spent celebrating the culmination of eighteen months of work.

ready to return to reality now!

Conceptships callout!


Check it out, a handful of the Galactic Reign designs were featured on Conceptships ! 


Colin’s baby came out a couple of days ago - a space battle game for Win8/WP8. He was the art director on the game and created aaaaaamaaaaazing concepts of the spaceships we get to play with.. I want them to become little models, especially the teal one. check ‘em out!!!


Harleys Chase Jokers (SDCC 2012) x

this makes me so happy.

(Source: werekates, via sparrow626)

017: the briefest of harley updates

as some of you know, i’m in NYC vising old friends. here’s a couple pictures of us from the weekend to tide you over until next week, when i have evenings off to search appropriately:

photo by Adam Richards

photo by Jerry Abuan

my boyfriend is the only boy i know that fusses over trying on clothing tailored just for him.

i think BOTH of us are happy that i don’t have to make any more muslins. some minor adjustments but for the most part, things look good. finally.

as far as everything else is concerned, today i:
• remade Harley’s hood so I’m not choking any longer
• began my adventures with leatherwork and becoming a cobbler
• ordered wigs for Ramona & Gideon, because fuck hair oh my god. 

things are progressing.