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well it’s october

which, i suppose, maybe partially explains my lack of communication as of late. in addition to the photos i haven’t posted (Astro Boy, SDCC, everything..) have a list of asks/emails that i haven’t answered yet (that I should be answering instead of this), but this month is the busiest month. if you’ve been around long enough you already know this but just in case.

I’ve been crazy busy the past two months!!

I worked on a movie set in LA as a costume designer, its called A Leading Man and it’s going to be a great film. After that, I’ve been picking up days here and there throughout Sept covering for costumers needing on-set help/coverage. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know people in the Seattle film community.. which is much larger than I originally gave it credit for.

i’m also preparing the halloween costumes, as well as Steam-con, as well as my Halloween party.. which I’m making post-halloween so some of us (me) can take a deep breath. Haha.

Minecraft fever has hit, even Colin can’t escape it. It’s like I go to work, run around with the children half the day pretending to be creepers and whatnot, and then come home to the same thing…

relatedly, Lo has decided to be a creeper for halloween:

Which, at the very least, will be pretty straight forward…hah. He seems to think he can just wear green pants and a shirt and make a mask… so with those expectations I’m pretty sure I can over-exceed. ;) He’s been reading the new B&R and I had hoped to get him into Damian’s Robin costume, but I introduced it too late to take over from Minecraft. Oh well. Maybe ECCC. :D

A’s continuing along the “I’m going to be every sidekick before I’m a teenager” path and has opted for Beast Boy this year. I’m THRILLED and TERRIFIED. The costume will be a cinch, but making A’s skin and hair green will be a challenge with his sensory issues… and fangs are out of the question. We’ll see how it goes.

He still hasn’t picked which Beast Boy he prefers - TTG or YJ. Honestly, though we’ve been kicking through YJ characters for awhile now, I really hope he opts for TTG because then it’ll just be green facepaint instead of his furry arms and green hands to deal with also.


I’m also making Olivia the pig, a la Olivia Saves the Circus and I didn’t even PICK that. It’s going to be the best costume, really. 

And of course my own projects, which never get any of the attention they deserve.. but you know. that’s how it goes.