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SOMEONE won First Place at the Jet City Comiccon costume contest for kids 12 & under. <3
(photo by Dan Morrill)

SOMEONE won First Place at the Jet City Comiccon costume contest for kids 12 & under. <3

(photo by Dan Morrill)

Some photos of A as Kid Flash from the photoshoot we did a couple of weeks ago! The Speedy pics came out pretty well, but I really wanted to make sure the next batch weren’t taken in the backyard. Did you know it’s a lot easier to set up photoshoots on location when the subjects aren’t eleven year olds?

Astro Boy soon!

the kid flash adventure

So after sewing points for Nightwing last year, I figured I had Kid Flash pretty set. Cut, hand tack, hand stitch, baste, stitch, serge. Long process but it worked out pretty well:

I made a muslin out of old fabric left over from other superhero costumes and just drew on where I wanted the spikes to go. The hardest part was actually picking which of KF’s Young Justice costumes to go with… I preferred these spikes but I really also liked the shoulder panels on the newer one. In the end I decided to go with the first version because it would be more simple.

The logo was pretty easy. I drew it on A’s muslin body suit and made a pattern from there. the back has double-sided fusing on it, so basically just had to iron it to the front where I wanted it to go.

I actually anticipated A having an issue with wearing a jumpsuit (like what if he had to go to the bathroom?) but he tried to convince me to let him wear the muslin to school so I clearly have found a new avenue for introducing clothing around A’s sensory issues.

So after ironing it on I realised it did this:

MELTED the centre of the front panel….. I did NOT want to take apart the spikes at A’s hipbone, because they would take forever to redo.

I ended up adding another panel across the chest, curved around A’s ribcage, to offset the error without redoing everything. It kind of makes me angry but no one else seems bothered by it.

A’s goggles and ear spikes were spraypainted:

In the back you can see I tested like 8 different kinds of things for the ear pieces, everything from a hollow bouncy ball cut in half to the plastic balls that quarter toys come in, which is what I ended up going with. His lightening ears are just wire and foamcore.

The goggles are Willy Wonka’s TV specs, which were an amazing find because the lenses are already red! Too bad they’re too big for A… I’ll post pics of that soon. I should have boiled the plastic first and bent it a little so A could wear it with elastic. I might try that before the photoshoot.

But they look rad:

the boots. OHHHH the boots. I dont even want to show you the photos.

I bought these white go-go boots for A to wear and they were fine on him. I figured, oh hey I’ll just spray paint them it’ll be GRAND.


I tested a few different paints. The issue was that the top panel of the boots stretched and made everything chip.

I tried to correct this with actual liquid latex and then powder on top, to offset latex’s need to stick to itself, but it just made the boots really dark. The boots he’s wearing in the photos were literally made in twenty minutes before the boys arrived to my apt to get dressed………talk about a rush job!

Quick post to start the ECCC round up. A as Kid Flash! This time, I have all the progress shots for the costume and I’ll post a progress thing soon… all sorts of interesting issues I didn’t foresee.

proudest moment of my weekend goes to A, who came with me to the DC 52 panel and walked up to the mic dressed as Wally/Kid Flash to ask the panelists, "Why isn’t Wally West in the Flash comics anymore??" and the whole room cheered for him.

A & I really like the new Flash comics! I actually like them a lot more than the Batman issues, which is another conversation, but we are both really sad that Wally’s been virtually erased. On Friday someone else asked about Wally at the DC All Access panel and the moderator literally answered with “Who wants free comics?” which I suppose is to be expected, but it made me sad.

A was apprehensive about walking up to the mic and was worried he wouldn’t remember what to say so we practiced a lot & I ended up writing it down to make him feel better. I think he felt pretty proud after though! A few people came up to him afterward, and during the con, to tell him he had a great question, which I think totally made his day. Brian Cunningham saw him a few hours later and yelled out GO WALLY WEST! which I think also made him really excited (though I didn’t see it).

He ended the day with: “When am I going to be old enough to go to the big comiccon?” which seems like a success to me. :D I plan on getting better pics like the Speedy ones, but ECCC fell on a really busy weekend this year so it’ll be awhile before I have time to take him somewhere appropriate for a shoot.

I&#8217;m having a gloomy day. So here&#8217;s a sad Robin.

I’m having a gloomy day. So here’s a sad Robin.