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So I don’t have any photographs of the boys on Halloween, on account I wasn’t there and as it was Halloween night, it would have been too dark for proper photographs. It’ll probably be a bit before we get some good shots of them, as Seattle’s now in its fantastic perpetual rain period, so planning in advance for things like photoshoots isn’t really a good idea. Have to think of some good locations for a Creeper and Beast Boy photo shoots, too.

So here’s some belated photos of Astro Boy!

oh the astro boy

Since Astro Boy was already made practically, I had time to experiment with things I never really have a chance to work with by nature of how much time I typically have to do anything (not a lot). I knew that since A was getting a whole new costume (seriously how can I resist a request for Kid Flash?) I would have to come up with something clever and awesome to keep Lo as Astro Boy. It couldn’t take a long time to make, though, otherwise that would defeat the whole point of keeping him as Astro instead of another character/whole new costume.

ARM CANNONS clearly. I ordered EL wire and LED strips to play around with.

the EL wire came with a battery pack (as evidenced), which made it really easy to plan around, because it already had an on/off switch included. The strips just had +/- wires so we had to tape them to batteries at the day of the show. No big deal.

I did learn a lot of stupidly obvious things about LEDs, though, such as how they work in a cluster so you can only cut them in groups of five lights (in this case). Oh the basics! My middle school tech ed teacher would be so disappointed in me.

so I constructed the cannon out of a bunch of cardboard, foam core, and some old poster tubes (i have like 80 and I still forget to bring one to SDCC every year, wtf is that)

it took a bit to figure out the perfect shape. Astro’s gun has a dual layering thing, mostly because it’s 3D animation and they just HAVE to get clever about that… the cartoon cannon was just a bright ball of blue so Logan vetoed that immediately, and who can blame him when he has THIS as comparison:

I didnt have enough time to really break down the actual literal pieces of the cannon, so I simplified.

Added another panel of cardboard and then finished off some edging:

Originally I lined the whole creation with silver paper, because I liked the idea of creating a papercraft item out of the thing. But since everything else on the costume is soft shapes, like Astro’s boots, I decided it wouldn’t fit in with the look.

so i resorted to GOOD OLD FOAM, my friend, to pad out the cannon and make it appear soft-edged like the rest of the costume. I covered it in silver fabric that I purchased in NYC years ago to make leggings that I promptly lost interest in before the draft even finished.

the EL wire coils around the centre and Lo’s hand grabs the battery back inside the cannon. I also carved a hole at the side so I could pull the end of the wire out and around the outer rim of the cannon to at least attempt to give it the dual look.

The strips are down the side. I actually made casings for them to enhance the blue and diffuse it somewhat. It’s a layer of semi-opaque vellum plus a layer of clear blue drafting paper, hot glued to a piece of posterboard I cut into a little ravine shape for the strip to attach to. As you can see, it worked better in one than the other. You can also see where I learned how many circuits are connected… and when one goes out… good job me!

Definitely needs improvement but it’s not so bad. Lo got to help a lot, which is the most important part, really.

Lo as Astro Boy. Since this was his halloween costume originally, I had a lot more time to make accessories for it - like the LED chest reactor and arm cannon. It’s hard to see some details, like the joints I made at his knees & elbows, but it’s okay. I’ve never had to work with LEDs before so it was a learning experience to share with Lo.

More pictures soon! I have a lot of progress shots of the cannon as Lo & I constructed it, too.

Just wanted to give you a preview of the updates I have coming up soon. You know. After October ends and I can take a breath again.

behold: the worst photo i will ever put on this blog

I just can’t be bothered to pull out my camera for one picture.. yay windows phone!

But lets talk about how Astro Boy’s going to have a glowing reactor!

It’s a bit thick.. I might want to pad out Lo’s chest with some foam or something so it’s doesn’t appear as bulky, but I probably won’t do that for Halloween due to time constraints. I still want to pad his forearms and perhaps make the laser his hand turns into, but we’ll see. All three of those things might become adjustments for ECCC.

(It’s pinned onto the shirt, which is stuffed in a pillow)

019: Project Rapidfire & Halloween Commissions

I figure, while I’m on a Tumblr roll I might as well make a list of the things you’ll be seeing on this blog over the next month or so, or you know, whenever I have the energy to make this blog into something other than dusty.

The commissions for the Halloween showdown are as follows:

Lo has requested an Astro Boy costume. This will be an interesting undertaking, as he has refused to wear the jumpsuit Astro wears when he’s playing with other kids, and opted instead to demand the hotpants ensemble everyone my age knows very well (those his age is another story). My best solution for this is a nude-coloured suit similar to the Nightwing costume of last year. Since we’re making the suit already, I figured it might as well be useful to incorporate it into the costume. That is, adding joint seams at the elbows and knees, as well as the little box at his chest for the glowing blue core.

The hardest part, I imagine, will be his hair.

A has chosen to be Speedy, aka Red Arrow, aka Roy Harper, Green Arrow’s sidekick (a clear sign that I’m more of an influence than I really intended on). I had anticipated him choosing Captain America or Green Arrow, as the pair of them are his favourites currently (after Robin oh god always the Robin love), and I’m pretty glad he chose neither because yiiiikes those costumes would be a production. He chose the Titans: Year One costume, which is pretty similar to the Young Justice TV series costume, so it should be relatively straight-forward.

The hardest part will be his hat, I think. It’s a very strange shape at the front.. but details will be forthcoming on their individual posts. I’m pleased; each boy chose a costume similar to last year’s, pattern-wise, so I’m hoping i’ll just have to adjust and modify their old patterns to account for their growth.

The littlest commission is a secret one, and one I can’t post about because her mother follows my blog, but I’ll be posting hints along the way. I will say, however, that Lo & A were with me buying fabric for it and A figured out the costume before I told him at all, so it probably won’t be a secret for very long… darn!

PROJECT RAPIDFIRE is my steam-con/portfolio project. I spend so much time rushing through things and after spending so long on C’s Joker ensemble, I decided I wanted to work on something for my porftolio within the same regard. A complex, detail-oriented victorian-style outfit that I can use at Steam-con even before it’s finished, and then expand upon over the next couple of months, until I have a garment worth placing in a portfolio (It seems strange putting someone else’s character into my portfolio, even if I made it from my own patterns). I hope to be deciding colours and silhouette this week and purchasing fabric to accompany it.

And of course, my Big Project is still going on. I imagine I’ll be compiling research for awhile, so I don’t feel too guilty about the halloween and portfolio sidetracks. I think that after Halloween, during a lull in costume-making, I can focus completely on furthering this idea. Until then, I have been making outlines and planning in that regard, so things will hopefully be furthered along regardless.

Probably I should have started with this, but THANKS SO MUCH to all the new followers over the past couple of days! Your interest and support is really amazing and makes me even more excited to work on developing this idea. <3 <3 <3