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001: Projects

Years working with autistic children and ABA therapy have taught me a lot about motivation. Currently, three days I week i find myself perpetually encouraging. It would be a good idea to do this. Why don’t you try this? You can have a couple options - this, or this. Which is the best choice? I think we could talk about this in a different way, do you want to try again? I know you don’t want to, but you’re really good at thinking of others, aren’t you? I’m not a patient person. At all. But I find it’s easier to be patient with a child who, at any moment, could become explosive. Especially if you are the first to explode.

And it’s so transferable. I catch myself before (sometimes when it’s too late) phrasing sentences like that to my friends, my boyfriend, and I find that it works incredibly well on my mother (I don’t catch myself there). But sometimes I think I need another me to stand behind me and use the same machinations on myself. Ok Aidan, what should you do, play on the computer or draft that dress? I know it’s really hard to pick the work, but think of how pleased you’ll be when it’s finished and you can take a break!

Really? REALLY?

External motivation. Sometimes I think I must at least be partly autistic, because I don’t know where my internal motivation is. Is there a set deadline, one I can’t adjust? The expectation that someone (that isn’t me) wants something done by a certain time? Awesome. I’ll have it made by then (except for quilts).

But lets talk about the things I want to make for myself. I want to do too much, all the time (but that’s another post). Except, the effort it takes for me to take that initial step, move the oh, two feet, to the drafting table, without first making a hundred excuses? I can’t even begin to explain to you the mental processes that go through my brain for me to have to get to point B from point A. There’s an entire alphabet in between them.

Look. I know that blogs are not a good motivator. In fact, they’re often more of a hindrance than anything else, because of the effort it takes to write posts. The actual distraction from work to complete said posts (example: now). But maybe, just maybe, actually starting an official art blog will be different than my teenage livejournal. Maybe I’ll actually be able to accomplish something, and document my troubles at the same time.

Here’s to hoping.

So for starters, I am working on a few projects right now:

• A Nightwing costume for L, aged 10.
• A dress, probably sized 2T, out of fabric designed by a friend, www.eloisedraws.com
• Peter Rabbit puppets for a theatre production, for a company I’ve been helping out since the summertime.
• Finalizing design ideas for a potential childrenswear collection. More on that when I get my act in gear.

This doesn’t include the edits I’d like to address - remaking a Robin costume (a missing glove, better spats, tights that aren’t neon) for L’s twin, A. Adjusting my personal Harley Quinn costume (remember that hammer?) and finally, as always gets pushed aside, not pushing aside my boyfriend’s companion costume, Joker.

Goal for the day? A Nightwing muslin. Ten year olds are not patient slave masters.

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