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Mini photoshoot of A & his Speedy costume.

Things I have issues with:
• The boots. The ones I made were too hard for him to get on and hurt his ankles (remember the sensory challenges I wrote about with making his Robin costume here) and so I had to resort to fluffy fat fleece things that separated at the ankle so he could put them on and off without discomfort. They work well for him - he loves them - but I’m disappointed in my execution. For ECCC, I’ve purchased a pair of girls’ (shhhh) boots to spray-paint yellow and I’m going to begin training him on wearing them now. Haha. 
• The collar still flaps upward… should have tacked that.
• The hat is actually backwards.. I accidentally placed the spikes on the back part of it instead of the front. Before an actual photoshoot I’m going to take it apart and reassemble it properly.

HE loves it, which is the important part, so there’s that.

I’ll post a break down of my process soon; I lost a lot of my progress images from all of my costumes, so I’ve been trying to gather them back from people I sent them to along the way.

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